Thursday, August 23, 2012

Unbelievable Modern House Designs

I am a big fan of cool things and one thing I love to see is some modern and luxury house designs, it makes me so jealous but it's such a great inspiration at the same time. These houses are unique and very specially made so pay attention to the details and enjoy the view.
Created by Tighe Architecture

Located in Los Angeles, California. Series created to protect the internal court yard of the building consists of 10,000 square feet. Folded planes define the roof and walls of the two-story main house. Each other, the amount of outdoor space at the end of the building, strategically placed window frames views and seemingly haphazard way open hole full house and guest wing in the form of a box, mirroring contemporary restrained counterpoints.


Created by Isay Weinfeld
Sao Paulo, Brazil, this luxury home design and real-time workspace, "We Live" is a modern design meant to create a modern building call graphic designer pleasantly relax "at home."two floors below grade delving much smaller, the height of most of the limited three living standards in the design providing. Enjoys direct access to the basement level is a bright, open space to the rear garden, remove the feeling of the underground. Been raised, the main floor of the house a little ground in a glass on a light, airy interior includes a relaxation area, kitchen, dining space and a large outdoor space that can be accessed on the home. 2nd floor bedrooms boast, is the Valais region and outside of this modern house is equipped with a swimming pool surrounded by a cool grid features rooftop deck for topping fun of guests or a beautiful city skyline from the stunning design.

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