Thursday, August 23, 2012

Unbelievable Modern House Designs by abduzeedo

Vila Berkel

Created by Paul de Ruiter
Veenendaal, Netherlands Villa Berkel at the site of the dark forest, it's important that you can create as much as possible to get the light. But Glass House, and between inside and outside of the border between private and public - is more difficult to monitor.,

The plot is divided into three long strips, roads and probability. South of the strip below is reserved for the garden, the villa itself and the central strip is the elasticity of the house, including the opening place: roads, parking, and the entrance to the north. Classification of the land, we prefer to keep Private Limited part of the house.

Beach Chalet

Created by Studiomama
The 388 sq ft structure is built on galvanised steel stilts to prevent flooding. The outside of the chalet is clad with cedar shingles and the inside is clad with sawn softwood. Because the land slopes away from the breach, both internal and external steps were constructed to create a level surface inside. Adding height to the rear of the chalet meant that the was space for a mezzanine level that now serves as a sleeping platform. With an oblong-shaped window above it providing lovely views over the country side. Behind the kitchen is the children's bunk beds and the bathroom. The sea view is the focus of the simple living space.

Wall-less House

Created by Tezuka Architects
House located in Japan, the central core and a very thin columns are supported by a pair of Floor level and the internal space and zoom in 360 degrees in the garden without walls. On the floor, the wall, the lack of internal living space outdoor garden access, until 360 can be opened. Three storeys, this spacious 2,582-sq. Feet rise. Home until the day the space and natural light coming. Boast River shutter can be opened and closed at night for privacy, gorgeous rooftop terrace offers panoramic views of the surrounding city.

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  1. Estoy apenas estudiando arquitectura y de verdad que AMO este tipo de casas, muy modernas, con grandes ventanas, grandes espacios o chicos pero muy bien distribuido todo. Gracias por esas fotos y bueno, seguire visitando tu Blog ^^ Saludos!