Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dream Designs: 10 Uncanny Ultramodern Homes

In the real world, very few can realize the vision of state-of-the-art home - many designers, construction can not work as imagined and drawn himself be content. As well as an explosion in the future, a life that most of us can not even dream of 10 architects brought home an amazing afford to let alone.

Ultramodern Cantilevered Forest Home


Contrary to popular belief, most architects is much more profitable than the professionals highly skilled in the field of low-can generate income. When the architect can design your own home is a rare opportunity is part of the reason. Michael Rantilla this rare opportunity and one is engaged masterfully detailed and from all possible angles, geometric construction and private housing.

Ultramodern Buried Bunker Home


Sufficiently challenging sloping site - but a narrow one particularly steep all the more difficult. Alvaro Siza series of opportunities and amazing design to see a bad situation a lot of people want to return, to create a continuous series of concrete space and fantastic views along the way to capture a set.

Ultramodern Spiral Shell Home


Working with nature rather than urban residence can be one of the most difficult things in the building. Flow and ARTechnic weaves in a forest setting, as well as organically beautiful spiral uihaeyi house, blue white concrete intrusion in the environment. In other words, from the stress of the natural world and can be used to provide security for visual connection to the external landscape, as well as my.

Ultramodern Urban Hilltop Home


When your family is known throughout the downtown high-rise building in the city of towering, what do you build your personal residence? TYL Design Group to design the center of the family, adoption and richness in the home and in the surrounding neighborhood is home to as many starkly differentiated decided to.

Ultramodern Tiny Lot Home


May be a small number of challenges, but they also help also entirely possible that the site fills the entire volume at once to push the edge of motion a series of stylish geometric broken K2LD architect uihaeyi ads encouraging as big as geojugwa can, but the wholeamazing construction of an ultra-modern configuration.

Ultramodern Skinny Lot Home

Except for people with a vision for what to do with them dry much a tough sell - Shuhei Endo. House footprint, thin variety of grade changes and run most of the builders and buyers to send covers different kinds of locational problems. However, the resulting design has both its environmental niche below a funny scene, which offers views of the water and a beautiful fully engaged.

Ultramodern Contextually Designed Home

False before're fitting in does not appear - to create a new structure of the existing historic environment is all in the balance. Successful contemporary designs, like: what's around you anyway, by some estimates, that will be displayed at the importance andwork on the scale, but it also clearly a new intervention to understand something.

Ultramodern Concrete Fortress Home


One typically built in rural areas when trying to connect to nature but apparently also looking for a meaning in isolation. Somewhat like a modern concrete fortress built this house around a central courtyard that can be accessed only by residents, in the ring, as well as along the circumference around the woods up to the prospect of open.

Ultramodern Glass Cube Home

Create an objectively beautiful area, many architects to meet and respect the vernacular architecture. Region somewhat aesthetically desireable basically like October Ueda & ultra-modern box home and vice versa, when the other creativecan Nakagawa and new designers such as building permits.

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  1. The pictures are beautiful and very spectacular.Its very difficult and challenging task to build a sloping site home.Really good work done.